Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Quickr feature voting at Collaboration University

The Quickr product team came to Collaboration University today to discuss new feature ideas with the attendees and get our vote on which features are important. This is a great move to include the community and gather insight to improve the product.

Here are the top features the Quickr team is considering for future versions:

  1. ECM Integration Quickr Domino
  2. Automatic Content Scraping (rules for moving Quickr content to ECM backends)
  3. Lotus Connections integration for Quickr Domino (Activities and Wiki)
  4. Support for Linux (server)
  5. Support for Mac (connectors)
  6. Support for Linux (connectors)
  7. Mobile Support
  8. Simplified Check-in/Check-out
  9. Improved Versioning
  10. Improved Round Trip Editing
  11. Improved Rich Text Editor
  12. Improved Threaded Discussion
  13. Recycle Bin / Soft Deletes
  14. Improved Place Listing/Favorites
  15. Embedded viewers for documents
  16. Single-Sign On
  17. Improved Wiki
  18. API to Monitor Reads/Writes/Deletions in Connectors
  19. Enhanced Lists/Forms
  20. Enhanced Workflow
  21. Hot fix installed (all platforms)
  22. Tools for deploying connectors
  23. Multi-lingual server
  24. Enhanced QPTools
  25. Single Doc Restore
I also asked them to add a catagory for Other, so that people could suggest their own ideas.

If you have votes or ideas, let me know on Twitter or at hcameron@optimussolutions.com and I will pass on your thoughts.

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  1. Missing a significant feature request:

    **Let Quickr Entry Use Folders**

    Vote at IdeaJam