Thursday, August 18, 2011

Live Blog of the August ATLUG meeting: Archiving and KM

It's time for another Atlanta Lotus Notes Users group!

This time we have two great speakers:

Reducing the Costs of Explosive Information Growth with a Smarter Approach to Archiving - Presented by Mohan Natraj and Mike Davis

Sharing a Vision: Achieving Understanding, the next step in Knowledge Management? - Presented by John Grinder

Full descriptions of the talks can be found on the ATLUG site:

The live blog will start here around 11:30 am Eastern.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

May ATLUG: Live blog on XPages - Taking Themes to the Next Level

Today's Atlanta Lotus Users Group meeting will feature Tim Tripcony will present XPages - Taking Themes to the Next Level. Tim recently presented this at BLUG (Brussels Belgium) and is scheduled to present at UKLUG (Manchester England). This is a perfect follow on to the recent TLCC - XPages Learning Event.
The live blog will start here around 11:30 am, EST.
Most XPage developers who have already started working with themes understand they offer a simple way to ensure inclusion of stylesheets and client-side JavaScript libraries, as well as automatic addition of style classes to components that match certain criteria. But themes are so much more powerful than that. This session will teach you how to leverage the full potential of themes to keep your XPage source code lean and tidy, enhance the performance of your applications, maintain device-targeted user interfaces, and even streamline resource management within large development teams. This session might just change the way you think about the very nature of XPages.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

February ATLUG - Live blog on Domino support by Michael Lee of the IBM SWAT team

Today's Atlanta Lotus Users Group meeting will feature Michael Lee of IBM, who is a principal member of IBM's Domino SWAT team.  The live blog will start here around 11:30 am, EST.

Developers, you know how valuable it is to understand complex administrative issues so don’t feel left out! There
will be value for everyone in Michael’s presentation. Michael's Domino SWAT team routinely deals with the
most complex support issues related to Notes and Domino. Michael will share some of the most challenging
problems his team has faced and how they solved them and will share his insight and experience as a SWAT team
member. There will be lots of time for Q&A!