Monday, June 18, 2012

Moving on ...

I started a new job and a new blog today. Head on over to to keep following my adventures!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Arrived in Orlando on Sunday? Don't miss out on 20% of Lotusphere!

The big day has come.  You talked your boss into letting you go to Lotusphere and you finally made it to the Swan and Dolphin.  Good thing you planned some time to relax on Sunday before the Welcome Reception tonight, because you have heard it can be a long week.

Wait. Stop. Lotusphere has already started!!

There is a ton of excellent content and activities going on during the day on Sunday of Lotusphere and you are already missing out.  If you have not already - go to registration and get your badge and conference bag.  The desk opened at 7 am and are waiting to get you started. Breakfast awaits down in the Dolphin Pacific Hall before the sessions that start at 8 am.

If you just got registered, ignore the bag for now and pull that little booklet out of the back of your badge.

Tip: Unless you go to the official Lotusphere online site or use one of the excellent mobile applications, the Pocket Agenda is the only place you are going to find the times for the sessions.

Open up that Pocket Agenda, turn to page three and pick a session go to in one of the excellent JumpStart or Show-'n-Tell tracks.  These are some of the best sessions at Lotusphere because they take the time to really deep dive into how you can use these solutions in your business.

Between sessions, and really all through Lotusphere, remember don't be shy or Unsocial!  Say hello to that person next to you and you will be surprised how interesting they are and what great ideas they have.

If you need any assistance, look for people with the blue IBM Champion ribbon on the bottom of their badges or a Team Social pin.  We are here to help you get involved with the great Lotusphere community!