Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Collaboration University Day 3 recap

Collaboration University day 3 sessions:

The Future of Lotus Sametime (Kim Artlip, Worldwide Sales Leader)
Kim demonstrated the business value of Sametime Advanced, including persistent chat, moderated chats, broadcast tools, instant polls, and more. Next was a review of the 2008/09 roadmap:

Q4 2008: Sametime Advanced initial release, Standard and Entry 8.0.1
H2 2008: Sametime Unified Telephony, Sametime 8.0.2 (Citrix, better codecs, Sharepoint)
H1 2009: Sametime "Next" (Web 2.0 browser integration, enhanced meetings and admin)
H2 2009: Sametime Advanced and SUT "Next"

Sametime Unified Telephony major features include Click-to-call/conference, Embedded softphone, Aggregated telephony/IM presence, Incoming call management, and PBX integration. SUT will integrate with many SIP based and traditional PBX vendors, including support for multiple vendors.

Also look for a new mobile client coming with expanded capabilities including multi-community support. (Yea!)

The Future of Lotus Quickr (Jelan Heidelberg, Lotus Quickr Offering Manager)
Jalan shared some of the ideas and directions for the "Next" versions of Quickr. Look for more solid details in the Lotusphere time frame.

Bringing It All Together (Everyone)
Each presenter gave their best 10 minutes of the conference:

Carl Tyler
  • IBM is no longer supporting Sametime servers if you use Remote Desktop.
  • Go get the "Sametime Essentials" database from IBM.
  • Make sure you change the language version when changing Sametime static text.
  • One last demo of live telephony integration
Troy Reimer
  • A quick review of PlaceBots
  • Using a c_PlaceBotErrors field to record errors during agent processing
  • Calling PlaceBots as if they were web services
  • Don't use PlaceBots for large scale deployments - switch to centralized agents
  • A review of standard and QuickrTemplates based workflow options
Gab Davis
  • Choose your Quickr version based on the features you need
  • Connectors are identical across all versions of Quickr (Entry, Domino, Portal)
  • Mix and match version deployments as needed (the license allows this)
  • You can share places across platforms, but they are only visable from the Portal side
  • Choose Portal if you don't want Domino or if you already have a Portal infrastructure
  • Sametime Advanced requires a large stack of components, including a Sametime Community server
  • Do not change the credentials used for the Sametime Advanced services!
Viktor Krantz
  • Customizing Quickplace redbook is still 78.2% relevant
  • In Quickr 8.1, you need to be a little more sophisticated with stylesheets
  • Firebug for Firefox is the best thing since sliced bread
  • Using JSON and multiple versions of DOJO (0.42 and 1.0) with Quickr
  • Using &OutputFormat=JSON for view data
Warren Elsmore
  • Reviewed all of his slides he gave during the conference (which were few as he built a fully clustered LDAP/Sametime/Quickr environment live during the conference)
Overall, this was a great conference. Even though I know a lot about Quickr, Sametime, and Connections, I still learned a lot of good tips and met some great people, both presenters and attendees.

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