Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Improving the Lotus Connections InfoCenter with Twitter

Here is a short success story of how Twitter has delivered direct business value for me:

Back at the end of July, I was working on an upgrade of a Lotus Connections system to version 2.0. As I walked through the upgrade steps in the InfoCenter, I encountered several typos and procedural issues. I posted some of my issues on Twitter and the resulting conversations on Twitter and email have resulted in a call this Friday with the Connections InfoCenter team and a few others, including Mitch Cohen, Luis Benetez, and Jon Mell.

We will be discussing ideas for improving and updating the InfoCenter to make it a more powerful reference for installing and maintaining Lotus Connections.

If anyone has any feedback on the InfoCenter, including ideas for missing topics, better procedures, or if you have found errors, please comment here, find me on Twitter, or email me at hcameron@optimussolutions.com and I will pass on your ideas.


1 comment:

  1. In the past 3 days, I've tried to use InfoCenter to:
    1. Find the URL to the WAS Admin Console
    2. Determine if you can have all Connections DBs in a single SQL DB instance
    3. Figure out how to change a user's email address in Activities.
    I found the answer to #1 after about 15 minutes of searching. I found an indirect answer to #2, but nothing that made me feel secure in my knowledge, and no help on #3.
    I think these are they type of items that are needed.