Thursday, April 24, 2008

MilkSync: Remember the Milk for Blackberry

Remember the Milk is a wonderful service for managing my to do lists, for home and for work. I am not quite up to full GTD speed, but RTM is helping me get closer. Until now, I have been using the Blackberry's browser (or Opera Mini) to manage my lists while I am mobile or otherwise can't get to the nice AJAX UI on the main site.

Yesterday, MilkSync for Blackberry was released which synchronizes my online tasks into the Blackberry Tasks application. Previously, I found Tasks to be not very useful and had even deleted it to save memory. Now that I can use it as a mobile extension of RTM, I may be using it all the time!

Here is my initial experience:

First, MilkSync did not want to download because it did not recognize the 4.5 beta OS I am testing. I sent a support email to the RTM folks and 5 minutes later, they had a new point release published that allowed the download to 4.5. (Now that's some top notch service!)

Once that was done, downloading and installing the application OTA went smoothly. After a brief pause to reinstall Tasks, MilkSync was up and running fine.

The sync to the Blackberry and update back to Remember the Milk worked exactly as described on the product page. Time to get that "Sign up for RTM Pro" task completed and support these folks!

One feature idea: I don't use Lists at all as Tags are much more flexible for my needs. It would be cool if the application had a switch to load Tags into the Blackberry categories instead of the Lists. (Tags are a better semantic match to Categories anyway.)

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  1. RTM rocks. They have a nice overlay for GMail, and if you are using Google Apps as I am, it makes for a very nice UI. Of course you can also get your tasks via RSS feed in the new Notes UI as well. Didn't know about the Blackberry app. Can't wait for my new Blackberry Curve. C'mon Verizon!!!