Monday, April 7, 2008

Agile Atlanta: Project Steerage, Sliced Icebergs and Boiled Frogs

April's Agile Atlanta meeting is coming up on Tuesday!

Project Steerage, Sliced Icebergs and Boiled Frogs: How you can introduce Scrum and save your ship

Speaker: Ken Ritchie
Date: April 8th, 6:45 PM
Location: IBM-ISS (6303 Barfield Rd NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30328)

Did you ever find yourself working on a company internal project? Were there any risks or issues concerning requirements, scope, budget, tools, expertise, team turnover, progress, or expectations? Was the project ever re-scoped, re-launched, re-started...or canceled?

Ken Ritchie will present an experience report from his past few years as an agile trainer and coach -- with some success stories emerging from troubled projects. We will include an open discussion, so you can ask questions and share insights from your own "war stories" of good, bad, and ugly projects!

Upcoming Meetings:
May 13th: How to implement Agile development practices integrated with testing, presented by Jann Thomas

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