Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Collaboration University 2009 Day 3 wrap up

Collaboration University 2009 just wrapped up today with three sessions:
  • The Future of Lotus Sametime (Rob Ingram, Senior Product manager, IBM Lotus Sametime)
  • The Future of Lotus Quickr & Connections (David Kajmo, Senior Product manager, IBM Lotus Quickr)
  • Bringing it All Together - Quick recaps from all of the CU speakers
The good news is that the CU crew had gotten permission to show us all of the latest Sametime features and news during the week.  Unfortunately, IBM is keeping other news on Quickr and Connections under wraps so they can make bigger announcements at Lotusphere 2010.  This meant that the two "Future" sessions this morning were more of a summary of the new features from sessions earlier in the week.

Probably the main bit of news was that there is a specific plan to release Sametime client updates for the Notes client which can be installed separately or using integration with the Notes Install Kit.

Two Collaboration University announcements on additional value:
  1. There will be ongoing education through the year available to sign up for, free for this year's students and discounted for older alumni.
  2. There is an online Collaboration University Campus providing a community of past students coming soon

Some folks are staying around for the extra hands on labs for Quickr Administration and Quickr Development, but I am off to catch a flight home.

My sophomore year at Collaboration University has been a great experience.  I have learned a lot, not just from the sessions, but from the ability to network with people and learn from their own experiences with the Lotus collaboration products in various deployment situations.  I look forward to coming again next year and hope to see you there!


  1. Thanks for your coverage this week, Handly. Sounds a fabulous few days...

  2. Ditto! Thanks Handly for your on-the-scene coverage of CU 2009.