Friday, February 8, 2008

Agile Atlanta on Feb 12th: Lightning Talks

Wow, it has been a great month for Agile in Atlanta! We have heard great presentations from both Mike Cohn and Mary Poppendieck and next week, we get to hear from yet more great speakers!

Meeting details:

Lightning Talks
Speaker: You!
Date: February 12th, 6:45 PM
Location: IBM (6303 Barfield Rd NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30328)

What are Lightning Talks?
Lighting Talks are quick presentations, usually 5 minutes, but we'll probably be fine with anything from 1 - 10 minutes. Basically, you have time to make one point, show a quick demo, or even ask a question to the group.

Examples might include:
- A picture of your team's story wall or big visible charts
- A demonstration of the tools your team uses for Agile
- A question on how to implement "impending doom" (one of Mike Cohn's change agents)
- Sharing a best practice you have learned
- An observation about your experience with Agile

Why would you want to come hear lightning talks?
This will be a great way to share our experiences and to learn from what others in your community are doing. If one talk doesn't interest you, just wait a few minutes and we will be on to the next one!

We will have a projector available for anyone with quick demos or slides. Remember that you only have about 5 minutes, so keep it to just a couple of slides. Once the meeting gets started, we can schedule the non-presentation talks around people who need to set up with the projector.

Other resources:
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