Thursday, October 15, 2009

Live Blog content fixed and a tip on CoverItLive

I did my first live blog yesterday covering Luis Benitez and David Rosenfeld's session on Lotus Connections and WebSphere Portal integration at the Portal Excellence Conference.

My experience with CoverItLive was very good, with one issue:  During the session Luis talked about using an iFrame tag to embed Lotus Connections.  When I typed the tag, including the HTML brackets < >, CoverItLive did not encode the tag as text, sending it back as a real HTML tag.  This had the effect of starting, but not ending an iFrame in the middle of my session notes, and cutting off all notes after that point.  The iFrame tag also broke the edit capabilities in CoverItLive, so I was not able to correct the issue my self.

I emailed the support people at CoverItLive and they were able to resolve my issue quickly.

Here's the tip: When live blogging with CoverItLive, be very careful of typing in text that would resolve as HTML.

Side note for Blogger users: I just found out Blogger has the same issue in their rich text editor. :-)

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